Software Consulting
Management & Methodology
  • Business planning, product design, fund-raising, evangelism
  • Excellent at building and motivating teams
  • Superior verbal and presentation skills, an accomplished trainer
  • Experienced in leveraging agile methodologies
  • Superior writing skills
  • Experienced in US patent process
Programming, Scripting & Markup Languages
  • Superior Server-side Java Skills (Spring, JMX, XML, JDBC)
  • Advanced Messaging experience (AMQP/RabbitMQ and JMS/HornetQ)
  • Excellent Java UI Skills (JSP, Spring MVC, Swing)
  • Groovy and Grails
  • Superior HTML Skills
  • JavaScript, Ajax, CSS (JQuery, Bootstrap)
  • Experienced with XML, XSL, JSON
  • Practical aspects of Scala, Python and PHP
  • Past Experience in Windows development (Windows API, SQL/RDBMS)
Platforms & Technologies
  • Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Unix
  • Spring Framework
  • Jersey (REST) & Dropwizard
  • Hibernate
  • JBoss HornetQ / RabbitMQ
  • Amazon AWS: EC2, EMR, SWF, S3, SES
  • JBoss, Jetty and Tomcat Servers
  • JSP, JSTL, Spring MVC
  • J2EE (EJB. JMS, JMX)
  • Maven, Ant
  • Apache CXF
  • JDOM, Xerces, Xalan
  • JDBC with PostgreSQL, MySql, Oracle RDBMS
  • JUnit
  • JavaMail, JavaHelp
  • Apache Web Server
  • Netbeans
  • Eclipse
  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks

Agile Development
Operating at the pace of today's Internet, teams must respond quickly to rapidly changing requirements. I am currently leveraging agile methodologies to rapidly and iteratively produce well-tested software. Using Scrum, I have experienced both high productivity and a significant morale boost on the development teams I have worked with.

Internet-scale Applications
Modern software must be prepared to handle volumes of users and data that were only imagined just a few short years ago. My recent projects have focused on leading the development of scalable Java server systems. My design and development philosophy favors purpose-built, highly decoupled and distributed services.

API Development
A solid understanding of Web UI design elements is critical when designing APIs for developers working in the web tier or on mobile applications. I have strong, current experience in developing feature-rich and secure JSON/REST APIs.

User Interface Development
Past work includes developing sophisticated GUI applications for components that were largely command-line and text-file configured before. Some of my commercial products have won awards for innovative and usable designs.